Who are we?


With our elite team, our goal is to accompany our customers in the planning and delivery of their concrete sawing, drilling and polishing projects.


Develop a trusting and lasting relationship with our business partners by offering a satisfying service.



Provide quality efforts without compromise


Tell ourselves the real things with respect and take action

To take care

Respect, listen and help each other


Develop and fulfill

Brigitte and Daniel Gaignard form the next generation of Sciage de béton St-Léonard, which was founded in 1980. Since they have taken over the family business, building upon strong values, they have taken it to the next level without ever losing sight of what is most important to them: a passion for service and customer satisfaction


Born into a family of entrepreneurs and driven by my passion for skiing, it was at a young age that I developed a strong sense of determination and a taste for the unknown. Now that I have a BBA in finance, I compare my passion for business to the curiosity of a child, always seeking novelty and how to better understand how things really work.

I place the utmost importance on the strength of our team. I am proud to be surrounded by competent, committed individuals who allow this company to evolve. Just like my sister, with whom I share managerial duties of the company, I enjoy working alongside talented and inspiring individuals.

As much as I constantly seek to move out of my comfort zone and to improve myself, my priority is to keep the balance between my personal and professional lives. My family, my friends, and skiing remain my greatest passions.

I am a member of the Groupement des chefs d’entreprises du Québec and president of the Business Boys club.


Energized by my passion for people, I was able to use my natural talents to develop my skills as a manager, which I use to this day to serve the team. Since my youth, I have experimented with different roles within the family business : diamond blade welder, pay clerk, purchasing, distribution, then accounting. Today, as a proud vice-president, I am proud to have had a career path which was inspired by my father and by my first hand experience.

It is a great source of personal pride that I have put in place a sound administrative structure. In fact, Sciage de béton St-Léonard boasts a level of work organization which meets the highest industry standards of quality. Supporting our employees is one of my greatest priorities.

Being in constant evolution, the construction industry allows me to take on many challenges and to satisfy my great curiosity. I am dynamic, efficient and honest. What I find most invigorating is to share precious moments with my family and friends.

I am a member of the AC of the Association de la construction du Québec, région Métropolitaine.

All of our employees at Sciage de béton St-Léonard share the same goal : complete customer satisfaction. This is why we team up with the best in the industry!


Our greatest strength is the quality of our employees!

We are proud of our multitalented team which is made up of reliable and competent professionals. Thanks to our continued training program, their knowledge and know-how will always be up to date to serve you better.


Sciage de béton St-Léonard is licensed by The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) and has liability insurance worth 15 M $. The regulations of the CSST form an integral part of our work process. We hold the following certifications :

  • Works at height
  • Enclosed areas
  • Forklift
  • Hydraulic Scaffolding
  • Vaccinations
  • Fit-test
  • Asbestos silica




It was in 1980 that Roméo Gaignard founded Sciage de béton St-Léonard, a family business which is now run by his two children, Daniel and Brigitte. Son of the mayor of the village of Woburn, M.Gaignard had all the characteristics of  leader along with great human qualities. It was during the course of one of his first jobs, at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, that he discovered his love of people and his sense of customer service. After finishing his studies at Collège Notre-Dame in Montreal, he married Louisette Roy, who is from the Beauce region, and moved to Toronto. He earned a living there as a steelworker.

Upon his return to Quebec, he held several different jobs. One as a prospector for Hydro Quebec, then as a representative of rental centres. It was at the age of 40 that he found an opportunity in the concrete sawing business. At the time, municipalities were looking into running natural gas lines underground.

Since the beginning, M.Gaignard could always count on the undying support of his wife. It was their passion for service which motivated them to always move forward. He scored a major deal with the Electrical Comission to set up underground conduits so that fibre optic, electrical, and telephone cables could be installed.


In 2003, his children, Daniel and Brigitte, took on the administrative duties of the company, benefiting still from the wise council of their father. He has transmitted to them his strong human and family values which, to this day, keep the business successful.

Roméo Gaignard, founder of Sciage de béton St-Léonard